Topics for Healthcare Providers

  Autism Information, Diagnosis, and Referrals
Diagnostic criteria for ASD; risks and benefits of adult diagnosis; information on referrals for diagnosis, therapy, assistive technology, and associated conditions.

  Caring for Patients on the Autism Spectrum
Ways that autism can affect the delivery of healthcare to adults, and recomendations for strategies to facilitate care.

  Legal and Ethical Considerations
Information about determining consent capacity and decision-making authority with patients on the autism spectrum; special ethical considerations with this population.

  Resources and Links
Links to reliable information about autism and services and resources that may be relevant to patients.

  Patient Forms & Worksheets
Downloadable checklists and worksheets for making a appointment, preparing for a visit, communicating about symptoms, and following up after an appointment.

 Autism Healthcare Accommodations Tool
A survey-based tool to create an individualized report for a healthcare provider of ways to improve healthcare access.