Topics for Patients & Supporters

  Forms & Worksheets
Downloadable checklists and worksheets for making an appointment, preparing for a visit, communicating about symptoms, and following up after an appointment.

Step-by-step navigation of the primary healthcare system, including finding a provider, making an appointment, preparing for a visit, having a visit, and following up on care.

  Staying Healthy
Information about nutrition, exercise, recreation, and preventive care.

  Your Rights in Healthcare
Information and resources about disclosing an autism diagnosis, getting equal access to healthcare, understanding privacy and decision-making authority in healthcare.

  Autism Information
Mostly for adults new to an autism diagnosis, information about autism spectrum disorder, adult diagnosis, therapy and assistive technology, disability rights laws, and Autistic culture and meeting others on the spectrum.

  Computer & Internet Access
Resources for accessing computers or the Internet for no or low cost, in order to use this toolkit online.

  Medical Information
Links to credible medical information, as well as checklists, worksheets, tips, and othe resources from other places online.

 Autism Healthcare Accommodations Tool
A survey-based tool to create an individualized report for a healthcare provider of ways to improve healthcare access.

 Personalized Accommodations Report

Create an individualized report of ways to improve your healthcare access to give to your healthcare provider.

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